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02 June 2006 @ 11:25 pm
Tattletales Part Two  
Title: Tattletales Part Two
Series: Babes in Arms
Author: RingPrincess
Rating: G
Summary: ... waterguns, children... fun.
Warnings: umm... cuteness... and more cuteness
A/N: Once again, I blame my mother and my sister's children. Rikku and Gippal have the same number as my sister at aproximentally the same ages... sooo... yeah... ummm I'm inspired what can I say.

Anikki had introduced the kids to waterguns, as it was unseasonably and uncharacterstically warm at Djose. And it was the tenth time Chion had run into the house.

"Momma, I'm wet! New clothes!"

Rikku sighed. "You're just gonna get wet again when Uncle Anikku sprays you or Chieri or Keyakku."

"Don' care... new clothes momma!"

Rikku grabbed Chion's shoulders and turned him around and shoved him out the door. "Play." She went back to work washing the dishes.

The screen door slammed.

"Ma-ma-!" Keyakku wailed and wrapped his arms around her leg. Rikku looked down. "Ma-ma!" He hiccuped. "Si-ssy h-h-it me in da eyes!"

Rikku patted his head. "Go spray her back. You'll feel better. I promise."

Keyakku squeezed her leg and ran back out the door. "Luv yous mommy."

"Love you too honey." The door slammed shut and Rikku sighed. Raising tough children was hard work.